Best Mobile Apps for Parents With Babies: “Daily Vroom”

While we’d say it’s generally best to put the phone away and interact with your baby — talk, tickle, laugh, kiss, play, read, sing … repeat — there are some terrific (and free) resources online for new parents. Here is the first in an occasional series highlighting mobile apps that provide families with the best tools and tips to help babies develop healthy brains, bodies, and behavior.

Daily Vroom
FREE  |  iPhone, iPad, Android  |  English/Spanish

Let’s start with brains. As it says on Vroom’s science and facts page, the brain grows amazingly fast in the first five years, making 700 neural connections every single second. The free Daily Vroom app helps parents and caregivers nurture this development by “turning everyday moments into brain-building moments.”

Launched by the Bezos Family Foundation — which worked on the app with experts and top scientists to understand what tools could better facilitate parent-child interaction and subsequent brain growth — Daily Vroom gives parents a personalized brain building activity every day. Whether it’s counting cars at the bus stop, learning about textures at the grocery store, or talking about shapes during snacktime, Daily Vroom offers imaginative ways to make the most of everyday family routines.

Available in English and Spanish, the app allows users to choose activities from more than 16 categories to spark brain-building interactions no matter where they are.

Age-appropriate tips for multiple children are also included.

Learn more and download the app at (or in Spanish). This video also provides a good overview:

Have you used Daily Vroom? Do you have another new-parent app to recommend? Please post a comment to let everyone know. Thanks!

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