Webinar: Engaging Fathers in Home Visiting

[Update: Additional resources on fatherhood engagement were added to this blog post on September 28, 2021. They are available below.]

Fatherhood engagement matters. Research continues to show that a father’s active engagement in his child’s life can have many positive, lifelong benefits. These benefits include promoting resiliency and helping children learn how to better manage their feelings. Home visiting programs, which support families during the early stages of parenthood, can play an important role in encouraging dads and helping them learn how to be involved.

But first: How to get dads involved in home visiting?

In this webinar, Dr. Richard Cohen and Dr. Kevin Gruenberg, of Love, Dad — a home visiting program working to promote paternal engagement and family well-being — explore the unique factors that prevent or encourage father participation in home visits, and share tips and strategies to help get dads engaged in home visiting — and engaged in parenting. (Please scroll down for related resources.)

LABBN presented this webinar to staff in L.A. County’s Family Strengthening Network on October 14, 2020. 
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