Webinar: How Home Visitors Can Help Clients Involved in Intimate Partner Violence

[UPDATE, 5/20/20: Added Futures Without Violence and Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence resources below]

Intimate partner violence is said to be more prevalent for women in the U.S. than breast cancer and diabetes combined. Yet, for a variety of reasons, it’s something that many who experience it don’t feel comfortable talking about.

Even when they do choose to talk about it, they may not be ready to seek help. But home visitors are in a unique position to assist, and this webinar can help them help their clients — when they are ready.

In this webinar, the L.A. County Department of Public Health’s Eve Sheedy and Nicole Perras equip home visitors with tools to support their clients. They discuss the challenges victims may have with leaving their partner, share strategies to help navigate these conversations, and provide information about the resources available in L.A. County, including how to access them.

See below for related resources.

This webinar was presented to staff in L.A. County’s Family Strengthening Network on May 11, 2020. Like this video? Subscribe to LABestBabies on YouTube!

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