Webinar: Skin-to-Skin Care: An Evidence-Based Practice

It’s so simple and anyone can do it. But why is skin-to-skin contact with newborns so important? In the recorded webinar below — hosted by LA Best Babies Network on September 15, 2021, for staff in our network of home visiting organizations and Welcome Baby hospitals — Dr. Jeannette T. Crenshaw:

  • Defines skin-to-skin care
  • Shares about the importance of skin-to-skin
  • Discusses the latest research on skin-to-skin and how it benefits the family
  • Provides strategies for home visiting staff to remove barriers and support skin-to-skin with their clients

About the presenter:

Dr. Jeannette T. Crenshaw is a professor at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing in Lubbock, Texas. In addition to teaching in the university’s Doctor of Nursing Practice program, she is a nurse and a researcher. Dr. Crenshaw earned a DNP in Executive Leadership in Nursing, an MSN in Administration and Management, and a BSN in Nursing. Her professional work focuses on promoting evidence-based leadership, maternity, breastfeeding, and preoperative fasting practices. Throughout her career, she has been recognized for her expertise on healthy birth and breastfeeding practices and skin-to-skin care after birth.

In her spare time, Dr. Crenshaw loves to dance and go for walks with her husband and spend lots of time with her three adult children and 3 grandchildren. 

LABBN hosted this webinar for Welcome Baby Hospital Liaisons and other staff in L.A. County’s Family Strengthening Network on September 15, 2021.
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