Webinar: Clearing the Storm and Living Intentionally

Mark Twain lamented that everybody talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it. In this webinar, Teresa McKee from Work2Live Productions discusses “storming” among staff teams – one of the stages of group development that often occurs when there is a shift in a team’s structure, physical environment, and/or team dynamics. And in this case, all team members have the power to change the weather.

Teresa shares practical tips and strategies for helping your team prevent storming, and explains:

  • what causes storming on a team
  • why it can be challenging for new staff to adjust to team norms
  • the difference between goals and intentions
  • how you can set effective intentions to reach your goals

This webinar was recorded February 3, 2020, for Hospital Liaisons in the Welcome Baby program, which is part of the First 5 LA-funded Family Strengthening Network in Los Angeles County. 

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