Pregnancy Resources From the FDA Office of Women’s Health

Expectant mothers are transitioning into what is likely one of the most exciting times in their lives: parenthood. They may have many questions about what to eat and whether or not medicines will affect them and their babies. If you are a home visitor or anyone who provides support to pregnant women, they will look to you for advice.

We often direct home visitors in the Family Strengthening Network to the CDC’s impressive suite of pregnancy resources, but the FDA Office of Women’s Health also has a variety of trusted resources that can help clients learn about food safety, medication use, and other issues that often come up during pregnancy. Here are some specific FDA resources you might want to share:

  • Medicine and Pregnancy – provides information on how prescription and over-the-counter medicines might affect expecting moms and their babies
  • Food Safety – offers resources to help pregnant women make healthy food choices
  • Diabetes and Pregnancy – includes materials to help women talk to their providers about managing diabetes during pregnancy
  • Depression and Pregnancy – offers information for women who experience depression before, during, and/or after pregnancy
  • Breast Pumps & Breastfeeding – includes general tips on how to safely use a breast pump and store breast milk

Order free printed materials from FDA’s Office of Women’s Health, including fact sheets, brochures, posters, and postcards that are perfect for home visits or for doing outreach at health fairs, waiting rooms, and community events. A Pregnancy Social Media Toolkit is also available if you or your organization would like to share resources online.

For more tips, visit the FDA Office of Women’s Health pregnancy website:

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