Parenting “Power Tools” — That’s What My Home Visitor Gives Me

“I was told that I’m the first teacher for my son … they make me believe that,” said Monica, who stood up and shared her home visiting experience at a November 2017 meeting at SHIELDS for Families in south Los Angeles.

Monica participates in a home visiting program offered by Richstone Family Center, which co-hosted the meeting along with SHIELDS and El Nido Family Centers. These three organizations use the Parents as Teachers model and provide home visiting services through the First 5 LA-funded Family Strengthening Network.

When Monica started speaking, we grabbed a phone and hit the video record button. What we captured (below) demonstrates how a home visiting program can kindle a parent’s passion for reading to her children — and how a home visitor provides parenting “power tools.” Here are a few choice excerpts from this inspiring young mom’s testimonial:

“I wish I would see more African American young ladies and Latinos be successful. And it starts with a book. I’ve been taught that reading is important — it’s key, it’s power!”

“[My home visitor] brings me all this information — and that’s power tools for me!”

“I believe in reading to them as young as possible.”

“Before, my house was empty — no books. Now it’s full of books!”

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