Happy Father’s Day 2022!

It’s Father’s Day this weekend, so here are some quick videos of dads in the Family Strengthening Network‘s home visiting programs: Welcome Baby, Parents as Teachers, and Healthy Families America.

These First 5 LA-funded programs are FREE for pregnant women and families with newborns, regardless of income, insurance, or immigration status — and during the pandemic, all visits can be done virtually.

If you or someone you know in L.A. County is pregnant, check out WelcomeBabySupport.org to see if your delivery hospital offers this free support program. If you’re the parent of a baby, go to the L.A. County Home Visiting Directory to see what programs are available to you.

This new video, which we played in our recent Family Strengthening Network Summit, warmed lots of hearts and made a few eyes more than a little misty. Not convinced that home visiting helps single dads and their kids? Watch this video!

And here are a couple Father’s Day videos from years past:

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