Getting Connected With Home Visiting Services During the Pandemic

“Home visiting” — how is that even a thing during a pandemic when nobody visits anyone?

Like school and work for many of us, it has gone virtual. And in many ways it has become even more essential, providing families with extra support to maintain their emotional and physical health, and to get connected to critical community services. But with unreliable internet connections and not enough devices to go around, technology has been one of the biggest hurdles.

That’s why we (LA Best Babies Network) stepped in to distribute technology bundles, including a Chromebook and Wi-Fi hotspot, to 200 L.A. County families. Funded by L.A. County, this program helped each family participate in a Parents as Teachers or Healthy Families America home visiting program.

It was just a few weeks ago that the LABBN team loaded up their cars and distributed the bundles to our partner home visiting agencies, who have since gotten them into their clients’ hands. Below are some photos of families in the Parents as Teachers program at SHIELDS for Families as they received their bundles.

LABBN has partnered with L.A. County to support its expansion of home visiting services, and it’s proud to be able to partner with them to get families connected to these services in this way too.

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