BreastfeedLA: Empowering L.A. County Families to Achieve Their Breastfeeding Goals

With its many health benefits for both baby and mom, breastfeeding is recommended over formula feeding for a variety of reasons. But it doesn’t always happen without hurdles.

Home visiting programs like Welcome Baby provide one-on-one breastfeeding support to help families get a strong start. But what if parents need additional resources or specialized services like tongue-tie treatment? is the place to go. Families can visit their website to:

BreastfeedLA also has resources to help employers, health care professionals, and others who want to empower families and support them with their breastfeeding goals.

BreastfeedLA’s Clinical Director Hannah Halliwell and Hospital & Healthcare Program Manager Cindy Young recently met online with the Family Strengthening Network Program Managers to share what they’re doing to support L.A. County families. Here is a recording of their presentation, which includes a tour of the resources available online:

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