Webinar: Preventing Pandemics in an Interconnected World: The COVID-19 Story

What we’re living through now may seem totally unprecedented, but large-scale disease outbreaks and pandemics are nothing new.

Looking at recent outbreaks as examples, Dr. Timothy Brewer, with the UCLA School of Medicine, discusses the major factors that contribute to infectious disease outbreaks and pandemics — including the one we are experiencing today. He discusses the differences between human and zoonotic coronaviruses and the World Health Organization’s role in pandemic recognition and control.

Dr. Brewer concludes by covering the origins and epidemiology of the Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak, including transmission mechanisms, the public health control interventions, and available treatments and ongoing research.

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LABBN presented this webinar to staff in L.A. County’s Family Strengthening Network on May 12, 2020. Like this video? Subscribe to LABestBabies on YouTube!
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