Stop Paying Medi-Cal Premiums

Families and individuals who are covered by Medi-Cal and pay monthly premiums can STOP these payments by signing up for a COVID-19 premium waiver. Medi-Cal members can also get credits for payments they have made since the start of the pandemic in March 2020. Based on the latest state data, in Los Angeles County more than 22,000 Medi-Cal members — including almost 1,000 pregnant persons — are still paying premiums.

That’s money they could use for other needs right now. After this waiver program ends, they will NOT have to pay back any premiums that were waived during the pandemic. Moreover, those who have been paying premiums since March 2020 can receive credits that they can use to pay premiums once payments are required again.

How do Medi-Cal members sign up for a premium waiver and get credits?

It’s as simple as calling 800-880-5305 Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 7:00pm, or Saturday, 8:00am to noon. TTY/TTD and language services are available. NOTE: Medi-Cal members in the 250% Working Disabled Program should call 916-445-9891, fax 916-440-5676, or request a waiver and credits online at

Here’s what to say when calling: 

I want a COVID premium waiver to stop my monthly premiums, and I would like premium credits for payments I made since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

A big thanks to Children Now for helping to draft this post, and for providing this outreach toolkit with social media content and graphics in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese. Download and share to help spread the word!

Have you been paying monthly Medi-Cal premiums throughout the pandemic? Is this the first you’re hearing about this waiver? If this is the case for you or a family you work with, please share your story with Children Now’s Senior Policy and Outreach Associate Fatima Clark at Feel free to leave a comment below as well!

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