FASD Resources: Improving Outcomes for Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

A baby exposed to alcohol during pregnancy can have many lifelong physical, mental, and behavioral problems. And although there is no cure for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD), there are things we can do to help improve a child’s developmental outcomes.

In a webinar LA Best Babies Network hosted on September 13, Michele Walker-Bauer, Ph.D. PSY, provided an overview of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and explained how home visiting staff can adopt an FASD-informed approach to best support children living with FASDs.

We were asked not to record the webinar, but Dr. Walker-Bauer’s presentation slides are here, and we’ve included a list of helpful resources below. If you are interested in hosting a webinar like this for your team, please contact LABBN’s Martha Bock (MBock@labestbabies.org).

Also see: Webinar: Perinatal Substance Use: Screening, Treatment, and Impact on Pregnancy Outcomes


Many of the resources listed below were provided by Michele Walker-Bauer, Ph.D. PSY.

Research and Data

FASD Medical Screening/Assessment and Treatment Support

Parenting Support Services

General Resources

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